“Great ideas, suggestions, paths and support was offered during the (tele) classes. The classes were very easy to follow and offered a lot of information to help understand how to use the tools to “make things happen.” -CT

“I loved the teleclass format. With this class it really gave me multiple ways to attract the things that I want into my life. I have been playing around with the techniques and I am very happy with what I have experienced just in a short period of time.”   -T.T.

You did a wonderful job leading the class. The information was so interesting and well presented. The handouts were very helpful. You shared your enthusiasm… and gave me concrete exercises to use. I feel that I have grown. Thank you.   -M.A.B.

“I truly appreciate the knowledge, passion and heart that Michelle brings to each class. The tone, feeling and energy that Michelle creates is absolutely wonderful!”  -K.Y.

“Michelle is a wonderful teacher who honors everyone’s uniqueness.”  -M.D.

“Life changing!  Michelle Brennan is a fabulous guide and teacher.”  -F.T.

“Michelle was extremely knowledgeable and well grounded. She answered all questions thoroughly with a wonderful sense of humor and very expanded consciousness.”  -N.M.

 How to Find Meaning in Your Life (teleclass):

“(The teleclass) helped me reconnect with my soul. I have considered myself a spiritual person, but without practicing that because of the environment I am in, it got lost. I needed this to awaken it and recognize how to reconnect with it. (The experience) has helped me to be more patient and joyful. It has given me a boost of self-esteem that is helping me accomplish my goals at work.” – S.C.

“Most meaningful was to grow more consciousness in appreciating the meaningful moments and to focus on all that I do have, instead of what I don’t have.”  – V.M.

“The visual journal is a great tool. I have recommended (the teleclass) to a group of women who studied ‘The Artist Way’.  I feel that my friends would benefit from the information.” – M.A.B.

“I believe the information you provided can be utilized to be more positive, loving, successful, and happy. I can use (the visual journal) as a planning aid and a reminder of what I have done positively each day. It’s great.” – M.E.

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