Quantum Insights® was founded from my passion for supporting and empowering women. In 2004 I became a certified personal and executive coach. Since then, I have used my professional knowledge and intuitive abilities to create classes and one-on-one coaching opportunities to help clients live their dreams. Personal coaching takes individuals into a expansive exploration of their potential. I listen deeply for the underlying issues that are roadblocks to success, then move each client quickly toward resolution and a more positive future. My approach is not simply problem solving, but rather I take my clients on a journey of self-discovery in which they are given the tools to identify the obstacles to their success and the techniques to move beyond them.

After a successful career in private practice as a Speech and Language Pathologist, I furthered my education with a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology. Upon graduation in 1994, I opened a center for personal and spiritual development after identifying a need in the market for a compassionate approach to life-stage transitions and expanded personal growth. In addition to my academic pursuits, I was an avid student of spirituality, studying and teaching A Course in Miracles and Reiki for more than ten years. Those who came to my center experienced pain relief and healing, renewed optimism, a sense of purpose, a stronger spiritual connection, and an inner confidence in their ability to achieve self-directed lives. These desired changes were accomplished through a variety of educational seminars and training workshops, ongoing group classes, private consultations and healing sessions. The success of the business which started with local customers expanded to include international clients and a demand for workshops across the country.

My passion for facilitating self-empowerment in my clients and my success in helping them find more satisfying and deeply fulfilling lives is the common thread that ties together my years of formal education with my skill set as a coach. My ability to assist clients to identify core issues, set priorities, develop remediation plans, and move into inspired action has changed lives. Having worked with international and multi-cultural populations, as well as, entrepreneurial and executive clients, I have developed a coaching style which encompasses a broad base of understanding.

Through teleseminars or video conferencing, people in various time zones have had the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in a group coaching environment. In addition, my one-on-one coaching has inspired clients to greater clarity, balance, and focus. My firm belief in each person’s innate ability to thrive encourages clients to believe in themselves and springboards them to achieve new levels of success in their personal lives and professional careers. I bring to my  coaching a broad knowledge of psychology and communication, in depth spirituality, valuable intuitive insights, and an unparalleled commitment to those I serve.

Check out my Coaching  page to find out what others are saying about their personal coaching experiences or contact me at (831) 484-1400.

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