Insight #11 – Two Voices

It’s no wonder there is so much confusion in the world. As humans, we have two voices talking in our head at the same time. One is focused on the material world and the other has a broader perspective beyond our physical reality.

Each of us has an ego mindset which is the control center for our physical needs. The ego’s voice tells us to eat, sleep, find warmth, pay bills, socialize, and even encourages us to please others. This part of our mind is heavily influenced by our brain functioning, hormones, and memories of past experiences. It learns how to keep us safe by analyzing previous events and their outcomes, and then warns us when it perceives that we are in danger. We may not actually be in danger, but if it thinks we are, it will send out fear signals.

The ego’s words elicit anxiety, anger, frustration and any number of other uncomfortable feelings, as well as, pleasure sensations. It tries to get our attention in order to get its needs met. The ego’s voice is loud and persistent because it believes that it is responsible for our survival.  If we die, it dies. Many of us identify with our ego and do not recognize that it is not who we really are.

The other voice comes from our inner being or spirit. Its wisdom  originates from a place beyond time and space. We often refer to this voice as our intuition. Its messages are subtle, yet profound. Our inner being sees possibilities that our ego cannot perceive. The ego focuses on the past and brings it into our present moment. Our spirit is in the present moment and encourages us to see a positive future.

Our spirit is the foundation of our true self and its gentle whisper is a reminder that we are not our ego. Our inner self has knowledge of why we came here and what we intended to do. It talks to us about kindness toward ourselves and others, and nudges us to see a bigger picture of the events that are unfolding in our lives. It sees every day as an adventure. Our spirit knows that life is eternal, so its main focus is on love, not survival.

These two internal voices have been with us since childhood. One speaks to us of conflict, competition for resources, and struggle. The other calls us to be loving, cooperative, and optimistic.  Our well-being does not depend on shutting down or denying our ego’s needs. We can appreciate that our ego has a purpose in reminding us to care for our physical selves. But we can choose which voice has the final say.  The one we choose determines how we live our life and makes all the difference in the quality of our experiences here. Holding an intention to focus on the loving messages that come from our spirit will assure a more balanced life.  Listening to our quiet inner voice is the only way for us to access prosperity, deep wisdom, and lasting peace.

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