coachingImgIs your personal or professional life in transition? Are you going in a new direction and feeling unsure about what happens next? Would you like help in sorting out your best options?

Are you frustrated in your search for more meaningful relationships? Looking for clarity and guidance?

Have you been seeking a stronger connection with your Spirit? Are you questioning whether you are living your purpose? Would you like to be more intuitive in making life decisions?

Connecting with someone knowledgeable and experienced can help you find your way to a life that is joyous, successful and deeply fulfilling. A life with balance – time for family and friends, a meaningful career, recreation, relaxation, spiritual connection, and financial prosperity. Join me in a one-on-one coaching relationship and experience the satisfaction of living your life FULLY … the way you always intended.

The weekly coaching sessions take place over the phone or video chat at a time that is convenient for you.  I am there as your intuitive and experienced guide. You’re supported as you gain insights into why things happen and then learn how to move beyond the obstacles.  Through  insight coaching, you discover your own  personal empowerment and experience the freedom of making choices that are in alignment with your life’s purpose.

What clients are saying about their coaching experiences:

The career transition I am going through was definitely made easier with a coach like Michelle. She helped me develop new practices and ways of supporting myself during this big change in my life. I would recommend her to anyone needing a coach.  -D.K.

I was able to get very clear about the goals that were important to me. Michelle helped me map out a direct course of action and was a partner throughout the whole process.  -C.A.

Coaching with Michelle was a positive and collaborative experience. Her insights were accurate and her coaching was precisely tailored to my needs and values. I can wholeheartedly recommend Michelle as a coach.  -E.G.

Michelle’s coaching was right on!  Her intuition helped me identify the area in which I had the greatest energy when considering a change in vocation. -C.S.

My  coaching time with Michelle has felt supportive and enlightening. Michelle is a great listener and wonderfully clarifies the issues I’ve presented.  I sometimes get myself going like a little hamster on a wheel, spinning away.  Michelle has helped me slow down the wheel and hop out of the cage and see a bigger perspective, which translates to feelings of freedom.  I especially appreciate the humor she brings to our coaching sessions.  Thank you, Michelle. -M.E.

You’re incredibly intuitive, tapping into the essential/core issue that may be causing a holding pattern in a particular area of life. You have a clear model for how to change limiting belief systems, which simplifies understanding and subsequent actions to take. You have empathy but it doesn’t translate to sympathy or pity. Nobody is stuck unless they want to be and even though it takes mental and emotional energy to shift, as a coach you always held a space where the desired outcome was possible. This creates boundaries and a sense of empowerment… Since I began coaching I’ve accomplished many things that I’d hoped to accomplish, including travel to numerous international locations, increased responsibility, confidence and compensation at work, finding an apartment on my own that I love, clarity of what I want to achieve, and trust in myself/intuition. – K.M.

Michelle, what I like about you is that you really care. I feel the connection we have. You are sincere and you have gotten me to do things that no one else has. -B.B.

Contact me at or call (831) 484-1400.

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