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                  You were Born a Creative Genius.                     Are you Ready to be who You were meant to Be?

My name is Michelle Brennan and I coach heart-centered   professional women to tap into their inner genius. If you desire more satisfying work, higher income, meaningful relationships, a stronger connection with your  spirit, or the experience of making a difference in the world, then…      You are in the Right Place.

Quantum Insights is a gathering place for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of life, and who are wanting to be inspired and empowered in their daily interactions and decisions. Through leading edge teleclasses, insight coachingvisual affirmation photos, monthly insights, and 1-minute meditations, you’ll learn how to live your life from the inside out. You’ll discover how to tap into your own inner guidance which holds your unique blueprint for: purposeful work, loving relationships, financial abundance, health and well-being, and so much more.  Now is the time to be the loving, intuitive, creative, prosperous, and expansive being that you know you can be!

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dare to thrive

For most people thriving means a life of health, wealth, meaningful work, and loving relationships. So who wouldn’t want that? Surprisingly, many people choose to live small. It feels safer – drawing less attention to themselves. They hold back and spend a lifetime trying to be like everyone else or what everyone else wants them to be. They never realize all the gifts that life has to offer them. Their talents go unused and their potential joy of self-discovery is wasted on their efforts to conform. They do not thrive physically, mentally, or emotionally. Instead they choose a life of just getting-by. They think they are being humble, but in truth, they are confused. Their spirits would never agree with this strategy of limitation. It is the nature of all of life to evolve and expand.

Thriving requires a commitment to ourselves – a decision to step into a life plan that is bigger than most of us allow ourselves to be. It requires us to stretch beyond our comfort zones: perhaps new ideas, new foods, new experiences. It includes living consciously with a willingness to listen to our inner guidance and an honoring of the lessons we are learning day by day. Thriving is living true to our purpose – using our abilities to inspire ourselves and others. When we dare to thrive, we express our creativity freely and without fear of judgment from others. Thriving isn‘t something that happens to us; it is a courageous choice to live the life that we came to live. It is an agreement with ourselves to explore all that we are capable of. And most importantly, thriving demands recognition and appreciation of the brilliant Source energies that run through us and through all of the natural world. Thriving flows from a place of respect for the magnificent intricacies of our physical bodies and implies a deep love of the unique life force that is the essence of our being.

It is our nature to thrive. Only our fears can prevent it. When we love who we are and allow ourselves to be what we came to be, then we will inevitably thrive. It is the Divine plan and the promise of Nature. Look around and notice the abundance of flora and fauna that surrounds us season-after-season always renewing itself. We are an integral part of that cycle of life. But unlike the plants, we consciously choose our destinies. Do we choose to be a part of the stream of well-being or do we pinch ourselves off and settle for mediocrity? When we choose to thrive, we align with the powerful forces of the Universe. And as we dare to thrive, we encourage others to do the same.


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We live in an energetic Universe. Everything that we can see, taste, touch, or sense in any way, is made up of some form of energy. We, ourselves, are energy at our core. Understanding the laws that govern our Universe gives us a tremendous advantage in moving through life.

My passion is to assist those who want to live a bigger, more purposeful and prosperous life. Who want to explore their highest potentials. If you are reading this, I may be describing you. All of us have been given the tools to live our grandest dreams. And the process is easier than you may think. I can guide you on the journey of your lifetime. I challenge you to discover your unrealized dreams, your deepest resources, and your innate ability to thrive. It is all within your reach.

Remember, someone with untapped potential is no different than someone with no potential. Your gift to the world is your unique creative expression. Every day is an opportunity to be a more powerful and expansive being here on Earth. Your success blesses the world. You are meant to shine.

mission statement

My goal is to educate, inspire, uplift and assist in the transformation of individuals who are ready to live a life that is prosperous, meaningful, and in alignment with their core values. Through insight coaching, teleclasses, and visual affirmation photography, I offer my educational and intuitive gifts to the world, so that those who are ready may prosper along with me. I choose a deeply fulfilling life and I offer the same opportunity to you.

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Michelle Roemer Brennan, MS, MS         P.O. Box 3281                                                        Monterey, CA 93942                             (831)484-1400                                  Michelle@Qi-Coach.com

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